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The federal government introduced TFSAs to provide you with a more efficient approach to saving money. A tax-free savings account (TFSA) is a type of registered investing or savings account that allows you to save up to $6,000 each year. The interest earned by this account is not taxable.

Create a TFSA account with us and deposit funds or other investments. As a result, your assets will increase, and you won't need to pay taxes on that gain - even if you withdraw money from your TFSA.


What TFSA Investment Options Are Available to You?

TFSAs are typically preferred by lower-income workers as well as those who believe they will need to utilize their money before retirement. Having a savings account is not mandatory for individuals for TFSA contributions. There are numerous options for TFSA investments. Such as:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Segregated Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Insurance Gics/trust GICs

How Much Can You Add to Your TFSA?

The sum of funds you could deposit to your TFSA each year is restricted, but there is a lifetime and cumulative limit of which you should be cognizant. The yearly TFSA maximum for 2022 is $6,000, the same as it was in 2019. It indicates you can add up to $6,000 to your TFSA this year. However, as there is a lifetime contribution cap, you could be capable of contributing more by utilising leftover spaces from past years.

Although if you do not submit a personal tax return or register a TFSA, you will accrue TFSA contribution capacity each year. Furthermore, y You can withdraw from your TFSA at any moment, and withdrawals allow you to make additional contributions in the future.

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Gill Financial Services is a renowned insurance company in Brampton with a proven track record of success in assisting various consumers. We go through all of your plans, considering the benefits and drawbacks, and then help you choose the best one for you. In addition, we provide complete support in opening your tax-free savings account (TFSA). Get in touch with us for more information and assistance!

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