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What is Prescription Drug Insurance Coverage?

As per the Canadian Health Act, a patient needs not to pay for the prescribed drugs available in hospitals. Canada has two main health insurance plans. They are: Group insurance or employee benefits and individual or personal health insurance. Depending upon the type of health insurance you have, the drug insurance changes.

If you have drug coverage from your employee benefits, there will be less conveniences whereas people who have personal insurance enjoy maximum facilities. In Brampton, Ontario the program is known as the Drug Benefit Program.

You can check which drugs are covered as per your province. If you have any doubt our insurance consultants can guide you.


Benefits of Drug Insurance

It will cover drugs used in diseases like high blood pressure, insulin for diabetes and high cholesterol. Any senior age above 65 years gets coverage under the program.

However, you have to qualify to be eligible for drug insurance. To apply you have to live in Ontario and have a valid Ontario Health Card.

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